À propos d'ATEP

L’Association Tunisienne des Etudiants en Pharmacie ATEP est une association tunisienne à but non lucratif autorisée par la licence N°18 du 15 janvier 1985 et basée à la Faculté de Pharmacie de Monastir.

Elle est un membre à part entière au sein de la fédération internationale des étudiants en pharmacie IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation).

Nos derniers événements

  • 12éme Congrès National de l`Etudiant en Pharmacie
  • 14ème Congrès National de l'Etudiant en Pharmacie
  • Assemblée Générale Ordinaire et Élective
  • JPO 2019


Adresse :
Tél : (216) 44 105 645
E-mail : atep.pharmacie@gmail.com
Tél : (216) 44 105 645 - E-mail : atep.pharmacie@gmail.com


Welcome to SEP


Experiences for SEPers in Tunisia

  • Youcef Mazouz

    "My experience as SEPer in Tunisia was absolutely great despite the challenges we faced there. I was really impressed by the ATEP members who showed an amazing family spirit within the group. I would say that my journey in Monastir, Sousse, Djerba, Tunis and other cities was completely unforgettable where we discovered not only the beautiful places out there but more importantly we had the chance to know each other more and more. As a pharmacy student, this exchange program shaped in particular ways my professional and personal career as long as I had the chance to get first-hand expertise from my Tunisian peers in this field. I would utterly encourage other students to go for this phenomenal experience in Tunisia. Last but not least, I would love to thank all ATEPers for creating such a wonderful atmosphere where we had to enjoy our staying in this fabulous country."

  • Remal Hiyasat

    "My experience with SEP in Tunisia; the green beautiful land, was an empowering experience which enriched my personality and increased my creativity. The lands I have visited, the people I have met wether from Tunisia or my sep colleagues from all over the world, and of-course the Ferhat Hashad Hospital where I did my training were all parts of this successful life changing experience that will last in my mind forever with all kinds of amazing memories, adventures and acknowledgements."

  • Luna Nimri

    "SEP in Tunisia was once in a life time experience that i won't ever forget! It made me discover not only Tunisia & its lovely people, but surprisingly Myself! Through SEP, strangers from different countries & backgrounds became my family, So glad I had the chance to represent Jordan which proudly became on everybody's bucket list! What made my exchange really special is how friendly & funny ATEP members are! Special gratitude goes to Boulbeba & his welcoming family whom we celebrated Eid Al Adha with & felt just like home❤️ Not to forget dearest Rihem & Dhia whom we drove crazy on a regular basis😂 SEP is way more exciting than just traveling, if i got the chance to repeat it all over again or do another SEP I'd go for it, NOW!☺"️